What can I say about Brett Swanson? This 21 year old stud may look all sweet and innocent but he’s got an amazing sexual energy. He’s not new to the adult industry and loves showing off his body. We had talked about a few different scenarios that we could do for his first Randy Blue video and at some point in the conversation the subject of jerking off in the shower came up.

Everyone does it, and when you watch him working his cock while sitting on the floor you can practically feel the cold tiles under your own naked ass. You share with him the experience of trying to get your body comfortable enough so you can concentrate solely on the pleasure your dick is feeling.

Brett has an intensity about him that you can’t help but notice. I love the way his face flushes as he jerks himself, and the way his lips open allowing breathy moans to escape. He’s got a great build and the droplets of water glistening on his smooth skin highlight how beautiful his body is. And when he comes, the soft moaning that accompanies the thick ropes of jizz shooting out of his cock make for the perfect ending to an amazing Randy Blue debut.

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When a new guy, Jackson, joins our frat, we decided to throw him a little welcome party to show him how things go down at Fraternity X. Dayton and new guy, Jackson, feed their big dicks to this hungry cocksucker, Ayden. Dayton’s got a big cock, but this new guy isn’t just big, he’s thick. This poor butt boy whimpered and squirmed while my buddies boned his ass and throat. And Jackson literally fucked the cum out of this cocksucker, then he shot his thick load of spunk all over him.

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Mark got laid off from his job and needed to make rent, so he asked us for a loan. We said we would not be happy help him out but he would have to “work” for it. He knew what that meant, so after thinking about it he agreed. He was going to suck cock and then some!

We told Aaron we had a newbie cocksucker that needed to be broken in, without hesitation he offered his cock to be the first one sucked. However, Aaron wanted some more that just a bj, he wanted to break Mark in thoroughly… That included foot service and a rim job along with the blowjob. Mark did everything according to Aaron’s specification, Mark knew who was boss. He also knew he did a great job when Aaron blew a HUGE load all over!

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Joey Vox jerks off for Southern Strokes

Joey was another one of those surprise visits to the Ranch. Our boy Haigan brought a buddy with him one weekend and low and behold 19 year old Joey steps out of the car. He had on a pair of jeans and a baggy shirt so I couldn’t really get a good feel for his body so I had him remove his shirt. Needless to say, we asked him to stick around for a while.

A few hours later I caught Joey shooting some hoops outside so I decided to give his solo a shot. As you will see, we started the video in the early evening and we all got so caught up in Joey that it went well on into the night. Joey took off his shirt and sat back against the basketball frame and slowly started to stroke his big dick.

Joey took his time making sure that we all got a good view of his tight body. We asked Joey to tease us and that is exactly what he did….for about 3 hours. He likes to work his cock slow and easy with long strokes back and forth wit his thumb wiping the precum from the tip of his mushroom head. With every stroke, Joey’s arms and chest would flex and pulsate right along with the shaft of his rod.

Joey wasn’t about to stop until he had given us all a complete show. Keep in mind that he had been jacking off for a few hours so he was more than ready to explode. With all that being said, we were all still shocked when Joey drenched the basketball stand with a steady stream of young stud baby batter. We will make sure that there is plenty more of Joey to cum.

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Jan Krasny is one aptly named twink – “krasny” means “beautiful” in Czech, and this 18 year old bisexual student is truly gorgeous. His perfect baby face is just the beginning – Jan also has a fantastic muscular body with great shoulders, smooth pecs and a sexy treasure trail that draws the eye down across his toned stomach to his very strong and hairy legs.

Easy-going and up for anything, Jan was not at all shy about stripping naked in the lovely Czech countryside, showing us his great bubble butt and jerking off for the camera. And he lost his concentration only for a moment when a lady on a horse passed by and asked him what he was doing!

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Beau and Brandon

Southern Strokes

Straight guys jerk off

Full length Southern Strokes movie

While traveling back roads, I discovered a never ending supply of the sexiest boys I have ever seen. I was so inspired that I thought it is only fair to share this find with you.

Southern Strokes brings you the hottest boys straight out of the South. Watch as these boys show us a new meaning of Southern Hospitality. Yes they’re Straight but that doesn’t stop them from letting us watch as they experiment with their buddies for the first time.

Visit Southern Strokes to watch the full length movie.

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In this movie Mario jack-hammers the fuck outta Keith’s ass! The two start off frenching, but Keith quickly rips off Mario’s clothes and starts sucking down his cock! Mario rims Keith’s tight hole, then slides that huge cock inside him and pulverizes his eager ass deep and hard! Keith alternates between moaning and wimpering – but loves every inch of It! Keith cums while getting fucked, then opens his mouth wide and gets a massive splattering of creamy cum!

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Anthony kisses new boy Kurt and on grabbing a big handful through Kurt’s jeans discovers he is either erect or is hiding a rod of steel down his pants! He whips his briefs off and Kurt’s erection springs into view; Anthony is quick to gorge himself on the weapon and expertly deep throats!

Kurt feels he is missing out and rips open Anthony’s briefs and sets about proving he is also a great cock sucker! Not content with that he buries his face and probes his tongue into Anthony’s tight, tense little hole. Not resisting for long, Kurt ploughs inside with his impressive tool and fucks Anthony and fucks him some more! It’s all just two much for them; impressive cum shots.

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Connor and Jeff

Corbin Fisher

Connor fucks Jeff

Corbin Fisher movie

Gotta say it… I’m so damn thrilled I have this video to share with you today!

When I first met Connor, I was blown away. He is everything you could hope for in a CF stud – tall, buff, incredible-looking, and with an awesome personality. I knew I had to get him to give some guy/guy action a shot, but it was certainly slow-going in making that happen. He finally decided to give a BJ a shot, but that was as far as he felt like going for quite awhile.

Since then, I’ve gotten countless e-mails from members asking when we were finally going to get to see Connor go further, and for the longest time I had no idea what the answer to that question was, much less whether we’d ever get to see him go further at all. As you can see now, though, that day has finally come! What’s more, it is well worth the wait!

I have to confess, as well, that seeing Jeff bottom is my latest guilty pleasure. He looks so damn hot while getting fucked, with a priceless look on his face that seems to say, “I can’t believe this is happening… it’s so crazy… but feels damn good!”

So when the time came to finally get to see straight stud Connor fuck a guy for the first time ever, Jeff seemed perfect for the job, but not just because of how hot he is! He also has this great personality and I knew he’d not only put Connor at ease, but also make the entire experience fun for Connor (and all of us watching!).

We get plenty of great facial expressions from both Jeff and Connor here, in fact. Once Jeff has lowered himself on to Connor’s dick and starts bouncing up and down, you can see that Connor’s thinking the same thing as Jeff – “I can’t believe this feels so damn good!”

Each of these studs undoubtedly has a sea of girls clamoring for their attention at any given time and turns heads wherever they go. They’re both the kind of guy you’d lay eyes on and not be able to help but stare at for awhile. Rather than just being able to stare at and think, “Wow, I wish I could see more of him”, though, we actually get to see Jeff get that hot ass of his drilled and see Connor fuck another man for the very first time ever!

Check out this full length movie over at Corbin Fisher.

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A lover of muscle and manly fur, COLT Man Danny Drake strokes his big, meaty cock while eye-balling a picture of one his favorite COLT Man Super-studs, Adam Champ in his COLT 40 book. As he closes his eyes the fantasy comes to life.

Hairy and hung, Adam smothers Danny, stroking and licking every inch, working his way down to enjoy a mouthful of that thick and juicy dick. Danny feeds Adam his raging hard cock, his big swollen balls and his round muscled butt. Adam sucks and strokes himself into a state of rock hard passion.

Danny lowers his hot ass down onto Adams fully erect fuck-pole, taking the full length of Adam’s cock all the way to the hilt. Humping and riding, Danny uses his manhole to jack off Adam’s cock. Adam skewers that ass, taking the drivers seat he makes Danny’s ass pay.

With their balls fully loaded and ready to blow they lock together for a mutual jack off explosion. Hard cocks are hammered as fistfuls of cum blow in a mutual eruption of manly grunts and groans.


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